About NUBI

We TRAVEL for need, by curiosity, or to improve life with new experiences. The history of journey comes together with the history of HUMAN BEINGS. Travelling means discovering places, exploring the world with our own eyes feeling it under our skin; then, the aim of BEING WITNESSES comes up with the habit of taking photos of cities, countries and Nations, in order to spread the word.

Some POSTCARDS are a clear statement that let people know we were there or that makes them see the place where we live; these images are fragments suggesting the fascinating idea that everybody can take a look learning about it. But STORYTELLING is a never ending personal experience.

NUBI is looking for CULTURAL IDENTITIES THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY, starring each time a new author for a new location. Some unique selections of frames made exclusive intimate diaries: landscapes, portraits and chronicles from common people all over the world are the inner soul of NUBI.

NUBI is sharing the we world as we know it creating postcards: drop a line, THE BACK IS UP TO YOU.

Get in touch with us: info@nubiphotos.com