“Looking for traditions in a place where cultural identities were violated for century is a rough mission, but mexican beliefs are proudly alive just as their sincere spirit of hospitality and sharing, their love for colors, music and life – which are extremely contagious. Some friends living there unveiled me many secret places and traditions like the pilgrimages to Tlaloc where I was the only “güero”; like walking on air, the locals took me to coasts shattered by hurricains, or into the crowded markets among different cities. I spent more than a month in that country with wonderful people and some true “carnales”: all the precious things I learned in this adventure will always be part of me”.

Andrea Ceccarelli (Rimini, IT, 1983) found his love for photography when a tourist left his reflex camera in the ice-cream shop of his father. Graffiti and italian hip-hop culture are his passions and, at first, a good photographic subject. Later on, travelling both for work and pleasure has become an important part of his life influencing as well his photographic production.


NUBI #03 – “MEXICO” – Andrea Ceccarelli

10 x 15 cm // 4 x 6 in – 18 pages – €10

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