“Since 2006 San Francisco was to me the real American Dream: it was love at first sight. The sea, the ocean, the East Bay, the Golden Gate Park, Mission District, Chinatown, the Tenderloin, homeless lunatic people, the Embarcadero, a huge punk rock scene and its roots, extreme music rising all over the place, bike lanes all around, modern art and a couple of good friends. I had to try. San Francisco has been the first and the last chance at the same time. The city is one of the three axes of Black Magic, with London and Turin: well, if you decide to put your life in San Francisco’s hands you’ll smell mistery, hell and magic all over the place. San Francisco will feel your deepest hopes and fears, and she will feed herself with your soul; if you love her, she’ll let you know she does too. That’s why I left my heart in San Francisco, as George Cory and Douglass Cross in 1954”.

 Shyla Lunch (Milan, IT, 1984) always had the feeling of being born in the wrong place. Her grandfather showed her how to look at the world through the lenses of a camera, getting the best out of it. She moved to SFO where people showed interest in her photo project “LAST MONTH”, giving her the chance to close circle one: now you can see one of her pics in Korn’s 2012 tour poster or in Bob Corn’s last LP.


NUBI #02 – “SAN FRANCISCO” – Shyla Lunch

10 x 15 cm // 4 x 6 in – 18 pages – €10

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