“In Tokyo, artificial lights mingle with the darkness of the night, in a continuous flow of experiences. Urban environment embraces nature and technology, the city becomes an acting space for humanity. The connection between personal identity and the role we play is feeble and strong at the same time. Walking around in lonely nights is a dreamlike experience: indeed, you might say the same thing about any other place in the world: but here you can lose yourself in the streets of Shinjuku or Golden Gai, where the hypnotic carnival awaits for you whenever the light starts fading away”.

Alan Maglio (Milan, IT, 1979) feels good listening to old people’s stories, playing chess and being part of his local football team in the tough role of the goalkeeper. He began his photography studies in early 2000s; his dream is to do his bit for this art. His work has been shown in exhibitions and published on magazines in Italy and Europe. He prefers printed books to digital screens and crowdy bars to art galleries.


NUBI #01 – “TOKYO” – Alan Maglio

10 x 15 cm // 4 x 6 in – 18 pages – € 10

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